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Keystone VS6 Vision Screener


Keystone VS 6 Vision Screener

Dark Adaptation Exam Option Keeps Your Company Out Of The Dark

  • Features vertical and horizontal peripheral vision testing, night vision testing, glare recovery and contrast sensitivity tests
  • Comes with glare recovery and contrast sensitivity tests, and horizontal and perlometer tests
  • Simple and easy to use - requires minimal examiner training
  • Efficient, rapid & accurate (averages 5 minutes per examination)
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Precise - replicates 'real life' vision by using reflective light provided by two log-life true white (5000K) light emitting diodes
  • For use by Medical Practitioners, Transport Companies, Emergency Services
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Keystone VS6 key features:

  • Glare test used to check for Glaucoma and Cataracts
  • Dark adaptation exam
  • Contrast sensitivity tests
  • Acuity, colour perception, phoria and stereopsis screening targets included
  • Enlarged viewing lens to accommodate multifocals
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

This bundle is supplied with a manual, 100 record forms, the Keystone keypad and 12v Keystone AC/DC adaptor.

Acuity / Ishihara Colour Test

 Acuity / Ishihara  Colour Test


Feature Benefit
Glare Recovery Test - Measures the seed and efficiency by which the examinee re-adapts to night conditions after being flooded with a sudden bright light
Contrast Sensitivity Exam - Examinees are presented with nine blocks of numbers varying in contrast from 10 to 90 percent under dusk/night driving conditions. All tests are given at 20/70 (6/21) aculty
Elliptech Soft-Touch Hand Control - User friendly design makes for intuitive control of every test, accessory and function of your keystone View VS 6 Vision Screener. Tests can be advanced/reversed automatically
Unique Long-Life True White LED Lighting - Test targets are illuminated by reflective light the method preferred by most practitioners as it simulates natural visual function and is unaffected by outside factors
Integrated Head Sensor - The Integrated head position sensor is utilized to verify correct patient head positioning. This feature is controlled by the Elliptech Soft -Touch Hand Control
Peripheral Vision Testing - Standard on all VS 6 Medical Vision Screeners, peripheral vision testing is performed in the horizontal visual field at 85°,70°, 55° and nasal 45° for each eye. The vertical field is tested at 35° both above and below the natural line of sight.

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