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Keystone VS5 Vision Screener

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Quick Overview

Keystone VS 5 Vision Screener

Ensuring Safety & Well-being In The Workplace

  • Simple and easy to use - requires minimal examiner training
  • Rapid and accurate testing process - screening process averages under 5 minutes
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Small, self contained and light-weight, can easily be moved to any location
  • Replicates 'real life' vision by using reflective light provided by two long-life true white (5000K) light emitting diodes
  • Ideal for use by Occupational Health Professionals

Keystone VS-5 Vision Screener

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  • Keystone VS-5 Vision Screener
  • Details

    Keystone VS5 Tests

    • Acuity Right Eye – Far and Near
    • Acuity Left Eye – Far and Near
    • Acuity Binocular – At Far, Intermediate, Night and Near
    • Phoria – Far and Near
    • Fusion – Far and Near
    • Stereopsis – Far and Near
    • Colour Perception – Severe and Mild

    Keystone VS5 key features:

    • Enlarged viewing lens to accommodate multifocals
    • Elliptech soft touch membrane control panel
    • 4 integrated testing distance (40cm, 60cm, 100cm, 6m)
    • 9 separate acuity tests
    • Long life true white light LED's
    • Built-in health head sensor
    • Peripheral vision test
    • Visionary software
    • 3 year warranty
    This bundle is supplied with a Keystone Padded Bag and DVD Instruction Guide

    Acuity Tests:
    Acuity Test


    Feature Benefit
    Enlarged Viewing Lens with Natural Sight Line - Easier viewing of the targets for persons with progressive lenses allows the examinee to remain relaxed during the test, eliminating 
    Elliptech Soft-Touch Hand Control - User friendly design makes for intuitive control of every test, accessory and function of your Keystone View VS-5 Vision Screener. Tests can be advanced/reversed automatically
    4 Integrated Testing Distances (40cm, 60cm, 100cm, 6m) - The VS-6 unique electronically controlled lens system is designed to meet the examination needs of computer users, machinery operators, airplane pilots, drivers and more.
    9 Separate Acuity Tests - Virtually eliminates the possibility of memorising the acuity tests. The VS-5 incorporates a separate acuity test for Far Point, Night Vision, 60cm Intermediate and 100cm Intermediate.
     Unique Long-Life True White LED Lighting - Test targets are illuminated by reflective light the method preferred by most practitioners as it simulates natural visual function and is unaffected by outside factors.
    Integrated Head Sensor - The integrated head position sensor is utilized to verify correct patient head positioning. This feature is controlled by the Eliptech Soft-Touch Hand Control.
    Peripheral Vision Testing - Standard on all VS-5 Vision Screeners peripheral vision testing is performed in the horizontal visual field at 85°, 70°, 55° and nasal 45° for each eye.
    Night Vision Test - Standard feature to screen vision in night driving conditions.
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