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Accutrend Plus Meters

  • Accutrend Plus Meter system is a flexible, hand-held point of care device for the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes
  • Simple to use
  • Rapid Results 
  • Accredited testing
  • - Cholesterol - Quick, cost-effective screening for cardiovascular risk 
  • - Glucose - Risk assessment for diabetes 
  • - Triglycerides - HIgh blood triglycerides are associated with an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease
  • - Lactate - Used in sports therapy and in protocols such as sepsis and diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Built-in safety features: Automatic performance and meter self-testing
  • Code-strips with positive lot identification and parameter recognition
  • User-friendly data storage for reliable data handling and monitoring: up to 100 results 
  • Results can be stored with date, time, and additional information for each parameter

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Accutrend Plus

Meter Only mmol/L

 Accutrend Plus 

Glucose/Cholesterol Kit

 Accutrend Plus

Complete Kit (GCTL)

 Accutrend Plus Meter                    Accutrend Plus Meter
Accutrend Plus Carry Case
25 x Cholesterol Test Strips 
50 x Glucose Testing Strips 
Cholesterol Quality Control Solution
Glucose Quality Control Solution
200 x Safe T-Pro Single-Use Lancets 
Accutrend Plus Meter
Accutrend Plus Carry Case
25 Cholesterol Test Stips 
50 Glucose Testing Strips 
25 x Lactate Testing Strips 
25 x Triglycerides Testing Strips 
Cholesterol Quality Control Solution
Glucose Quality Control Solution
Lactate Quality Control Solution
Triglycerides Quality Control Solution
200 Safe T-Pro Single-Use Lancets

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